Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New year

So I have decided I need to start blogging again. This is my goal. Look out world the Schrievers are back.

My little brother is a giant now, he can also now beat me at our swimming races which makes me proud. Lil' Matt is becoming a great swimmer, which is fun to see.

I also miss the summer look how sun kissed we all look after a fabulous trip to Utah.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Leland is 1!

So the big day came up on us fast. I can't believe my little boy is one. His party was fun. This is the only picture I got of the 3 of them together that was somewhat close to everyone looking at the camera.

Leland finally has some boy toys. A garbage truck and race car track made the day AWESOME.

The children were chanting Leland Leland over and over he felt like a super star

there were 6 children crammed in this little house.

My favorite is the leg sticking out the window :)

3 Generations of fun

We missed Walt for our 4 generation picture. Grandma Belva is always the life of the party.

He wasn't sure what was going to happen

These are the cakes. I made a International 1066 tractor Lee helped with the detail work on it. Shannon suggested the haystack personal cake for the Birthday boy.

Kind or looks like a jeep but I tried. Next time I would trim the back down.

The rear with the PTO this was a lee addition

He ate the whole personal cake it was amazing

Now we will get a little more sentimental
It is hard to believe that this little boy had such a hard year. Longest labor in the family.

Our longest Jaundice baby.

Lets not leave out the lovely RSV

The poor skin problem that had people asking me if his face was burned (I still thought he was GORGEOUS!)

But through it all we grew as a family and realized we could do anything together.

We survived more blood work than I can remember (lily only cried 2 times when they hurt her brother) 2 specialists and 8 trips to Hershey, and failure to thrive diagnosis. My boy is strong and through it all he proved to everyone out there that he can do anything, and lately eat anything that is put before him. I have learned so much about how strong we are as a family. I also have learned that I am an AWESOME mother and Lee is an amazing Dad. He was always willing to help with breathing treatments even though Leland would cry and so would Lee. I hauled 3 children around as a new mom and did it with a smile. Even when things got rough I knew that I was strong enough to handle whatever was thrown my way. These are the things that Leland taught me this first year.

Thanks Little Chuck :)

At his 1 year checkup we were given the all is good diagnosis. His head is still big but not scary big. His blood work is good. He weighs 21 pounds (25% from no % in 6 months) his height jumped from 5% to 15%. He is developmentally on track and gaining speed. As the doctor left the room I teared up. I felt such relief, our baby is HEALTHY.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Swimming lessons

My little girls are FISH!! We decided to do swimming lessons at the local pool. I was nervous about how it was going to work out since I would have to be in the water with Norah and would still have Leland with me. Lucky for us Lee's cousin was also coming at the same time so I asked her to supervise the baby. We will definately be doing these lessons again next year. Norah is almost swimming completely on her own and is jumping off of the diving board without any help. Lily can swim for rings in the shallow end and swim unassisted after jumping from the diving board!
This is Lily swimming a lap without a noodle

Lily jumping from the high dive

Norah preparing to make the leap she was the star of her class. When it was diving board time she was the only child who ran to the board while the others screamed and cried.

Nice splash nor nor Ms cathy was so excited in the background.

Lily was amazing compared to previous years she was excited to learn new tricks and showed me each day after class

Norah racing to get back in line after the jump

This was their faces for both weeks! Smiles all around.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Norah is 3!

So I can never get the order right on here! So just no this is out of order.

My little Norah turned 3 this summer. I can hardly believe how much she has grown. The last 6 months with her I have seen HUGE growth in her. She grew 3 inches in 2 months and gained 2 pounds. This little girl has barely gained 2 pounds a year since she was 1 so this was amazing for her. She is a great little sister and big sister. Watching Lil and Nor-Nor play is a comedy act. Lily controls the whole interaction and N waits for her ques as to what and how to play.
The only cake N wanted for the big Day was Yellow but because of swimming lessons I wasn't up to making so we made a trip to the bakery where we found the perfect little yellow cake! Grandma and Pappy were able to attend our little party.

Norah was so excited.

Daddy and N share the big day Lee is 30 and Norah is 3!

She had to have these candles
Happy Birthday Norah we sure are happy to have you around you sweet little lady :)

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

lily's big Day

With her lunch box

patiently waiting

She was yelling Kindergarten

Walking like an egyptian

Not only is this the name of one of our favorite books, but today was Lily's big day. The first day of kindergarten is amazing. It is the beginning of responsibility, they have no idea. Last night we laid out the clothes and sock on the couch down stairs and bathed. This morning I woke Little L at 6 am. She was so excited for the day. With her backpack full of stuff for the teacher she got to carry her lunch bag which made her day. The most nerve racking thing for me was the bus ride it is long and the sun is hot, so I stuck a bottle of water in her bag. To this she said "no drinks on the bus mommy" I told her water doesn't count. When she got home the water was gone she told me she "drank it sneaky so she wouldn't get caught", what have I started?

L has Mrs. Strait, who was also Lee's kindergarten teacher. This is special to me. I like showing the children where we lived when we were little, places we played, so to have the same teacher thrilled me (especially since I think she is a great person). Lily's first day consisted of going to computer lab ( not using computers) and meeting the school nurse (who lily already knows from Prek so it was a reunion), lunch and recess. That is all I have gotten out of her so far. Hopefully tomorrow brings more stories...

Thursday, August 5, 2010

7 Years

I cant believe it has been 7 years!!! Thanks for everyday Lee. We celebrated in true Lee and Courtney fashion. Chinese food, a movie, and lost in walmart. My Mother In Law and Rebecca braved watching all 3 which was FUN I am sure. We saw the movie Grown ups and I laughed the whole time. Then the adventure continued to Walmart where I had the bad idea of separating and we spent 30 minutes looking for each other ( I left my phone in the car). I asked a group of strangers if I could use their phone but of course lees phone was off :( but after 30 minutes we had a good laugh.
I want to count 7 things we have done in the past 7 years:
1. Moved to PA
2. Moved 2 times
3. Had 3 children
4. Took the Fam to downtown (scary) Baltimore for pit beef which ended up being in a strip club parking lot (Food was awesome though we have been back).
5. Helped Lee decide that he LOVES the beach
6. I have learned how to Milk cows (I am getting pretty good thanks to Lee).
7. Laughed Cried and Enjoy life together.

Thanks Lee for being a part of this crazy world with me. I know things have been tough but atleast we are in it together.

Here are 7 things I want to accomplish in our next 7 years
1. Save for a car and pay CASH
2. Buy our first house
3. Become as fast at milking as the lady in the Dairymaster video :)
4. Learn to decorate our house
5. Raise our kids in a happy healthy enviroment
6. Be able to mend Lees clothes so poor linda doesn't have to
7. And I know this is sappy but enjoy each and every moment we have together as a family.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Utah State

So I have this friend who's husband just graduated from school and she listed all the things they are going to do before it is over. Which made me think what do I miss?
1. Being carefree. We didn't worry about anyone but ourselves and it was great. Sometimes though I still wake up after a nightmare thinking I have a paper due. Pretty sad I know
2. Hazels Bread in the Student Center they had this thing called a Marvin Joe. A slice of fresh bread with butter cheese garlic and a slice of tomato then toasted, HEAVEN!!
3. Aggie Ice cream. You can't beat a University that milks it own cows and makes it own Ice cream.
4. Walking everywhere. Now day the Only place I walk is Grandma Belva's I miss being close.
5. Dating Lee. We had so much fun doing NOTHING I miss having that nothing time. Now it seems like I am running around constantly and the only time we see each other is when I fall asleep on the couch and he wakes me when he gets in.
6. Basketball Games and Gymnastic meets. It was so much fun. Football was OK but the team was awful and we NEVER won which was irritating.
Anyways hopefully I will get back up there sometime and get to do a few of these things.